Analytics will always involve attempts to improve decision-making. Organizations, big or small, need to be faster and better in business decision and that’s possible only if organizations have right business analytic tools in place.

Analytics is the unearthing and interpretation of significant patterns in data. Analytics relies on the simultaneous application of data, programming and research to quantify performance. Analytics often favors data visualization to communicate insights. dadzwisdom’s mobile and web based data sourcing and analytics application helps Organization to define, foresee, and improve business performance. Areas within dadzwisdom analytics include predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, enterprise decision management, retail analytics, marketing optimization and marketing mix modeling, web analytics and sales force optimization.

Dadzwisdom : 3 level process

Business analytics is about being proactive in decision making. At this stage, our analyst will model the data using predictive techniques. These techniques will uncover insights and patterns that highlight relationships and ‘hidden evidences’ of the most influential variables. The analyst will then compare the predictive values with the actual values. Inferences will then be drawn basis the predictive value, keeping the long term and short term objective in mind.
At this stage the analyst will apply the data model outcomes to run ‘what-if’ scenarios, using targets set by managers to determine the best solution, with the given constraints and limitations. The analyst will select the optimal solution and model based on the management targets and his intuitive recognition of the solution that are most aligned to the organisation’s strategic goal.
Feed decision making process
The analyst will then make decisions and help take actions based on the derived insights from the model and the specific goals. An appropriate period of time after this action has been taken, the outcome of the action is then measured.

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