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Project Description

The Stock-Flow Tracking System (SFTS) is a real-time stock/inventory software capable of connecting multiple stock movement points. The system will keep records of stock, stock movement, production process, timelines, post-production status, sales and restocking product or raw material. The
objective achieved is to reduce the strain of tracking the movement of goods, the real-time status of pre- and post-production, monitor TAT and measure productivity.

Further features include the ability to generate reports of sales and stock. In addition, since theft does occasionally occur, the system provides solutions for confirming the store inventory and for correcting stock quantities.

The Stock-Flow Management System (SFTS)uses a cloud-based interface to display stock data to the stock manager client. The product will use open-source software primarily due to the cost of implementation. The first feature of the Stock Manager Client cloud interface component allows the Stock Manager Client to view the current stock of products, along with the capabilities of searching and sorting the products. The second feature of the Stock Manager Client cloud interface will allow the user to modify application settings, such as the threshold for notifications, the frequency of inventory uploads (daily at a particular hour,weekly, monthly, etc.), and security settings. The third feature of the Stock Manager Client cloud interface will allow the user to update the stock during the restocking process. The Microsoft ASP.NET (Active Server Pages) framework is used.
We have implemented Microsoft ASP.NET server and a Microsoft SQL Server database,which also requires a Microsoft operating system.
Since the Microsoft ASP.NET framework is used, the programming language for the application of .net MVC with a Microsoft SQL Server
database. The Microsoft .NET framework includes built-ins for easy database interfacing and .NET Framework Remoting (analogous to skeleton and stub), which has the ability to also, use HTTPS.
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